Bill’s signature headband and learning to fall professionally

You may be wondering what the above two subjects have to do with one another but they are related as shown in this interivew RST conducted with Bill (BB) recently.  Many, who have taken note, have observed that Bill faithfully wears a customized head band whenever he skates and even when he is teaching his classes.  Some may have assumed that he originally began wearing the headband to add a personal, unique touch to his skating attire but the real reason he started wearing it may come as a surprise.  His explanation about the chosen length of the headband is what led into the discussion of falling on the skate floor and how it is advisable for skaters to learn to fall “professionally.”   (Read more)


Message from Bill


TO: Roller Skating Today readers
FROM:  Bill Butler
RE:  Bill Butler’s Creative Skate Dance Company on the move
DATE:   October 22, 2006

Dear Readers,I am currently involved in a situation that might prove to be something wonderful for the sport of roller skating.  I’m not at liberty at this point to tell you anymore details than I will on this day, but it’s something that I feel great about and I don’t want to get anybody any more excited than myself.

If my will stays strong in my new endeavor, I’ll be in the catalyst to put roller skating in its proper place.  So pray for me, that I will have the strength to make it happen for all those that either read and/or hear what’s to follow because we’re all in this together –  whoever you may be.  Just know that I’m doing it for the sport so wherever you may fit into this, all the better.

I’ll keep everybody posted through my wonderful and dear publicist, Kim Muhammad, who has been very dear to me in a very short period of time.

Thank you.

Bill Butler

– To be continued –

Female Skaters Needed


Bill Butler’s Creative Skate Dance Company (CSDC) is seeking EXPERIENCED female skaters, who have “the right stuff,” to take part in a 2007 Jammin’ Exhibition Tour.   Must be at least 16 years of age, well behaved, eager to learn, with a beautiful personality and good character.  Must also be available to train in Atlanta and/or New York.  NO BEGINNERS PLEASE!  Interested male skaters may also respond for consideration in future events.  Email RST for more information.NOTE:  RST’s “For the Love of Skating” tour, featuring CSDC, currently has scheduled stops in Denver, Colorado and in Vancouver, British Columbia, where a grand opening extravaganza is tentatively scheduled for next spring.  Call RST, 720-506-4780, for more information on scheduling a tour stop in your area.

Bill’s Confessions


Bill was somewhat embarrassed and surprised at himself when he found out days ago that Bryan Taylor – his youth dance team captain – did not know how to adjust his skates.  Usually a clinic on how to adjust one’s skates is amongst the first things Bill teaches his students.  Bryan, however, has been training for two years and Bill admitted that he “stepped on his own toes” and dropped the ball with the oversight.  Rather than sweep the incident under the rug, he wanted to share it in the hopes that skaters will become more aware of the necessity of knowing how to adjust their skates.  “I have nothing to hide,” he said, while noting that October 13 at 5:45 p.m. was the exact date and time that his young student learned how to adjust his skates.Bill says skaters do not have to know how to make adjustments but then compared the situation to knowing how to drive a stick shift versus only knowing how to drive a car with an automatic transmission.  “It’s nice to know how to drive a stick but you don’t have to know it,” he said, while noting that it would only be a plus to have the additional knowledge and know-how, even if one chose not to use it.  The same, he maintains, applies to a skater knowing how to adjust the nuts and bolts on his or her skates.

In a 2003 Good Jammin’ News feature, he spoke on the importance of skaters knowing how to make adjustments for the best control, maneuvering and flexibility.  We revisit that article now.  Read Adjusting Your Skates.

– Adeeba –

Article features Bill’s tips on Staying Young


The Black House online news and discussion forum has featured an article with Bill sharing tips on how to retain a youthful outlook, spirit and zest for life.  He’s one of a growing number of seniors who fulfill the saying “you’re only as old as you feel.”  Read Jammin’ Around the Fountain of Youth.

Womens Rollercise Classes Starting Soon


If you are a health-conscious woman in the Atlanta area, aged 30 or above and are looking for a structured, weekly roller workout, roll into Bill’s Jammin’ Rollercise classes STARTING SOON. Class size is limited so sign up today. Send your name and phone number and a Rollercise representative will contact you with more details.

Jammin’ Roller Network in Planning Stages

Has Bill adopted you?


The (tentatively named) Ndani (pronounced en-dawn-ee) Silver Skate Key Alliance is in the formulation stages and once plans are finalized the alliance will become a well connected network of skaters and non-skaters who support the vision of Bill Butler, his incomparable Jammin’ Technique and his love, passion and devotion for roller skating.Ndani is a Swahili word which means “within” and within this network of Jammin’ supporters and advocates is where Bill would like to place The Technique for safe keeping and longevity.  Bill says The Technique’s value, and the importance of keeping it pure, far outweigh anything else, including its creator.  “Forget about me,” he said recently.  “Help me make The Technique better.  Help me carry it – it’s getting too big.”

Application forms for the network will be available soon for individuals who have caught the vision and would like to assist in spreading it worldwide.  Join the mailing list to receive future updates and to stay within the circle.

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