Bill Working it out over Labor Day Weekend in Georgia

An RST report

Bill still 
Roller Skating Today
at the age of 72.

Bill with his 16 year old student Bryan Taylor.  Bryan has been training and learning the Jammin technique for nearly two years and appears to be the next to follow in the skate-steps of Bill’s long-time student/protege, Michael Johnson.

Bill is making sure the technique he created lives on by passing the torch to the next generation.  These 10-11 year old students are paying close attention as their teacher demonstrates “skate-stop” positions and movements.

Students say learning the Jammin’ Technique is “difficult but fun.”

Now the youngsters put the moves and body positions that they learned into practice as they proceed through the many steps involved in the “skate stop” exercise.

Making the rounds, Bill, (in the center, red shirt), rolls on to instruct his adult students as they work on their pairs, trio and train skating.

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Afterwards, the class was all smiles.  In addition to his local students, Bill (back row center) had visiting students and guests including Tyrone Dixon (8 Wheels & Some Soul Brotha Music, back row far right) and Noriko, a long-time student from New York, (kneeling far left).